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Our employees

Professionals working in Technopark, according to the activity performed are divided into two basic groups:

Management, administration, technicians

The administrative-managerial, advisory and technical activities ensures a permanent group of workers - employees of Technopark Kralupy of The University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague.

These workers:

manage administrative and economic activity of the Technopark, negotiate with business partners, representatives of universities, experts and promote its services
provide security, management, maintenance and trouble-free operation of the building
carry out technical and economic support for research activities of project groups and their workers
providing services to third parties - design and innovation consulting, long-term and short-term rentals and technical - organizational and other services arising from the activities of Technopark

Researchers of Technopark

Researchers working in Technopark operate under industry-oriented project groups Technopark, more Branch focus.

These workers:

carry out research, development and innovation activities (R & D), testing, analysis, and other professional activities
work in project groups and are employed in Technopark on a project basis, therefore, for the duration of the project
the activity of research groups can work part-time

Inclusion of students, researchers and practitioners students


The Technopark Kralupy of the UCT Prague students can act within the framework of research projects, especially master's or doctoral studies. A student is an employee while working in the UCT Technopark ensuring adherence to high professional standards of work in Technopark. Besides students of the UCT Prague are welcome also students of other universities. Employment of students is done on a project basis, and can be implemented on a part-time job.


Within the framework of projects and other research and development in the Technopark may work scientists. Employment of researchers is done on a project basis.


In some projects, and other research and development find their employment also workers who come from areas outside of universities. Criterion is solved particular contribution to the project or contract, which is a particular research group engaged in Technopark.

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