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Statute and authorities

Basic document about integration of Technopark Kralupy into the structure of UCT Prague and way of its managing is the Statuteof the Technopark Kralupy.

Basic thesis of Statute of Technopark Kralupy are:

  • Technopark Kralupy of The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague is a university institute, it is the self-contained part of UCT Prague, it is´t a legal person.
  • Technopark Kralupy in their activities abides by internal regulations, standards and directives UCT Prague.
  • Authorities of The Technopark Kralupy are director and Research and innovation council.
  • Director is appointed by rector of UCT Prague.
  • Activity of Technpark is ensured by own emplyees, by employees of others departments of UCT Prague and another external entities.
  • Technopark Kralupy manage with funds from commercial activity, from grant activities and aloocated funds from budget of UCT Prague.
  • UCT Prague is a owner of apparatuses and equipment of Technopark Kralupy.
: 23.6.2016 11:11, : Karel Hrušovský

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