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Consultation in fields of building industry

Consultancy provided by Technopark Kralupy builds on the work of research teams in areas of specialization of Technopark. It is an elaboration of expert opinions, expert interpretation of results of measurements and tests, support for small and medium-sized firms, consulting solutions to problems in the fields of Technopark activity or related science and engineering fields.

Within the consulting Technopark is ready to provide the following services:

Expert's opinions and expertise
Implementation and interpretation of the results of measurements and tests, see Branch Focus
Support innovative firms

Technopark can provide expertise in the following areas depending on the focus of their project teams:

Application of polymeric materials in technical building equipment
Bonding joints and surface treatment solution to a polymeric or organic base
Composition of concrete mixtures and their application defects
Suitability of inorganic binders
Application of surface coatings with self-cleaning effect
Assessing the effectiveness of corrosion protection for steel materials
Lifetime prediction of metallic materials in aggressive environments
Assessment of heat resistance
The prediction of the behavior of silicate materials at high temperatures
Determination of toxic elements in building waste
Possibilities of building material recycling
Solutions to environmental and microbial load
Identification of microbial organisms contaminating Structures
Options for Preventing microbial contamination
Assessing the state of damage to the historic building
Proposals for redevelopment of buildings and their components

Those interested in any of these forms of counseling may also use this window to request a questionnaire Technopark on assessment issues and mediate with the appropriate specialist. Prices of individual cases will be further detailed by the complexity and scale of demand.

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