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Qualified services of research and innovations

Technopark Kralupy provides highly qualified services within the bounds of research, developmental and innovation works, realize the experimental works for external customers. These are the companies, developing a new, innovated products, small and middle companies, founding a new, progressive production programme, research and experimental departments.

Within the bounds of specialized focusing of Technopark are created the teams, focused on solving of concrete problems, demanded by customer. Basic focusing of Technopark are the branches of building chemistry, material research, technical chemistry and chemical technology and enviroment protection. The teams can solve also related technical disciplines, when they can with an advantage make use the coooperation of  The University of Chemistry and Technology, alternatively of others universities or research departments.

this works are realized by teams, managed by research workers with experiencis with industry. Depending on extent of projects can here to find the use the top experts relevant branches, as well as relevantly expertally specialized and motivated students of universities and another experts.

On the pages of this web in section "Branch focus" are introdused the project teams, theirs thematic focusing, solved tasks, projects and disposable instrumental equipment. Project team close cooperate with institutes UCT Prague. Technopark is able to ensure confidentiality of informations and subsequently the protection of created intellectual property. Working on the project basis, Technopark is able flexibly responnd to your demand.

If interested persons are comming with the problem, that related with fucus of Technopark, it is possible use the questionnaire bellow to ask for assessing the problems and arrange a meeting with related expert or coordinator.

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