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Technopark Kralupy of The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague is a scientific – technical park with focussion on innovation in building chemistry and in related material fields.

Technopark Kralupy

was established by the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (hereafter UCT Prague) as their separated research facility with the use of European subsidies.

Technopark Kralupy was built by UCT Prague in 2013-2014 when reconstructing the abandoned industrial mill in the center of Kralupy nad Vltavou.

We are

scientific - research institute focusing on building chemistry and other related fields.

We have

a team of highly qualified researchers, capable of carrying out even the most demanding assignments in the field of construction chemicals and materials engineering.

We also have the top laboratory equipment, allowing us to take even the most demanding challenges in the field of research and development.

Technopark Kralupy

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague is a project whose goal was to build and at the time of its sustainability further develop infrastructure for research and innovation activities of the chemistry technologies.

We provide

the services of qualified applied research and development using the potential of experienced researchers and young researchers at universities too.

We offer

also the possibility of renting our labs for your research activities.

We provide also

consultancy and advisory activities.

Our goal

is also popularizing science among school students in the region.


Technopark Kralupy

meets the requirments internationally recognized definition of science and technology park that provides highly qualified services.

Technopark Kralupy is a spin-off of The University of Chemistry and Technology Prague serving the Czech and international industry in the field of building chemistry and similar subjects since 2015.

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Technopark Kralupy
Náměstí G. Karse 7/2
Kralupy nad Vltavou
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