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Building and Insulating Materials based on Plastics

Experimental extrusion line in the Technopark Kralupy

Extrusion line in the Technopark Kralupy is eqipped by an extruder by the german company Extrudex GmbH, that enables coextrusion squeezing out. Via this method is possible to make the tubes or hoses, that are composed of up to five layers. Technical design of this device enables perfect connection partial polymeric materials.

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Coextrusion line for manufacturing tubes and hoses by Extrudex GmbH

Basic configuration of line:

Single-screw extruder No. 1 (lenght 30 mm, diameter 30D), abrasion-resistant design - batching max. 20kg/hr

Single-screw extruder No. 2 - 5 (lenght 20 mm, diameter 25D), abrasion-resistant design - batching max. 4kg/hr

Batching unit type of Miko - batching max. 15 kg/hr

Coextrusion head for pushing out pipes of diameter 8 - 32 mm

Disc calibrators for diameter 20 mm/2,3 mm

Two-zone vacuum tank 750 mm and 1545 mm

Haul-off belt

Device is completed by a control panel with touch display, enabling setting of all manufacturing parameters and its archiving, including graphical depicting of all main monitored quantities.

On mentioned extrusion line is possible technically manufacture various polymeric materials PE, PP, PU, PA, PS, etc., including composite materials or materials, that contains bigger quantity of fillings (glass fibres, graphite, etc.), softeners or else additives for plastics. Exception is materials with content heavy corrosive materials (halogen retardants of burnings), that can damage squeezing out parts of device.

Device is suitable for experimental checking of posssibility of production of pipes and hoses of outer diameter 8 – 32 mm  at temperature up to 300°C from various types of polymeric materials (1 – 5 layers).

Here it is possible to prepare the technology of manufacturing and gain charakteristic samples of products, enabling evaluating its quality. The device is also suitable fo tests of new polymeric materials, polymeric additives or for recycling of waste products.



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