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Intellectual Property Protection

Technopark Kralupy through the centre of technology transfer provides specialized services in the field of intellectual property protection both through counseling and through the provision of legal protection of intellectual property created.

These services can also use third-party clients, a consultancy in the area or to ensure the administration of industrial designs, patents, inventions, etc.

Intellectual property refers to all intangible assets. In terms of legal protection can be divided into two groups.

Copyright - protection of works under copyright law
Industrial property protection - the solution according to the law on patents and inventions.
In this area include:

utility models and industrial designs
designation of origin

Among the intellectual property is also counted:

Business secret
The authors of inventions, know-how are entitled to reasonable remuneration.

Services in the area of ​​intellectual property protection are provided on a commercial basis with the possibility of discounts for innovative companies, small and medium-sized businesses.


Those interested in the services of protection of intellectual property may apply for the grant or asking for more information:

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