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Offered services

Qualified services of research and innovationsTechnopark Kralupy provides highly qualified services within research, development and innovation work and carries out experimental work for external customers. These are and will be manufacturing companies developing new, innovative products, small and medium businesses establishing new progressive production programs, research and experimental workplaces. Analysis and testingTechnopark Kralupy provides manufacturing and trading companies, small and medium entrepreneurs, builders, laboratories and other interested parties from practice laboratory analysis, testing materials and test their physical - chemical properties using top analytical and laboratory equipment operated by experienced professionals in these fields. Consultancy in the fields of building chemistryConsultancy provided by Technopark Kralupy continues in the work of research groups and teams in the areas of specialization of Technopark. It is an elaboration of expert opinions, expert interpretation of results of measurements and tests, support for small and medium-sized firms, consulting solutions to problems in the fields of Technopark activity or related science and engineering fields. Advice and support innovative companiesTechnopark Kralupy specifically provides advice and support to innovative companies that want to improve their production process, improve product quality, using new advanced materials and technologies, prepare a completely new product or planning to introduce an entirely new manufacturing process. Support from experts Technopark Kralupy also includes the sector of small and medium enterprises, the formation of new companies, including spin-off companies at universities. These services are provided as beneficiary Technology Transfer CentreTechnopark Kralupy through the Technology Transfer Centre provides specialized services in the field of technology transfer both through counseling and by encouraging the transfer of knowledge from research and development into practice. These services are intended to support the transmission of the results of academic research and development into practice, but also to support third-party clients, the introduction of new technologies and scientific knowledge into their companies. Intellectual Property ProtectionTechnopark Kralupy through the Technology Transfer Centre provides specialized services in the field of intellectual property protection both through counseling and through the provision of legal protection of intellectual property created. These services can also use third-party clients, to a consultancy in the area or to ensure the administration of industrial designs, patents, inventions, etc.

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