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How to apply for a job

Tracking Website

Any vacancies, open tenders and other information for job seekers in Technopark are listed on this website. This information is continuously updated and guaranteed by the leadership of the Technopark. Concurrently open tenders are placed on the website of ICT Prague on section Vacancies.


Sending a résumé and cover letter on the announced tender

For each competition for the job in Technopark send a movement called. Cover letter and a CV written according to international standards. To the knowledge of the languages ​​indicate the degree obtained or passed exams.


Job interview

In the context of the adoption of the job in administration, services, or research teams held a job interview. The interview takes place in the presence of a future supervisor and the employee in charge of personnel matters. During the interview, commenting your cover letter and resume, replying to questions on work experience, vocational focus of future work and your relationship to their work.



Currently Technopark ICT Prague Kralupy not print any selection process.

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