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Education and personal development

Qualified and motivated researchers and specialists of the Technopark are the precondition for success and satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, in the Technopark is put the great emphasis on training and personal development of researchers and technical - administrative staff.

To continue their studies

The researchers, who come from universities, have the opportunity to continue their education in master's or doctoral studies.

The newly initiated study

Members of the project team and staff Technopark may commence studies in fields related to the activity they perform in Technopark. It is also possible to realize part of their studies in solving projects in Technopark


Another type of education is expanding, respectively. deepening specialization in the subject, which the researcher or specialist devotes Technopark. This is how a graduate or other specialized studies and fellowships at other institutions, including foreign ones. Here Technopark works closely with tribal constitution of UCT Prague.

Soft skills and team training

Technopark supports activities designed to increase the efficiency of management, team management, the application of project management principles, but also deepening presentation and communication skills. Trainings are conducted within teams and departments Technopark both internally and outside the building for special events.

Team skills are developed in the framework of Technopark in various forms in order to build effectively communicating and collaborating teams capable of addressing the challenges and innovations. Technopark promotes communication and collaboration across disciplines.

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