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Personnel policy of Technopark

Technopark Kralupy of The University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (Technopark) is a customer-oriented science and technology park and its priorities are customers, service quality and motivated staff.

Personnel work in Technopark will therefore be guided by the following principles:

In labor relations, to observe and respect the legislation, internal regulations and directives of ICT Prague Technopark issued for this area.
Observe the principle of equal opportunities in recruitment, placement, compensation, training, and career management staff and scientific workers Technopark, honoring the principles of scientific research, interdisciplinary collaboration, open communication and social responsibility to create conditions for a progressive innovative solutions.
On a project basis to create research teams to promote their effective composition, collaboration and exchange of experiences between different groups across the Technopark. Research groups to create a team atmosphere and proactive.
Staff research groups and employees of Technopark lead to the creation of conditions for creative research work and harmonious cooperation within the Technopark in order to achieve and maintain a competitive quality of services provided Technopark.
Promote training and development, which will be based on the needs of the activities of Technopark and its employees, while honoring the principle of full utilization of the talent, creativity and the benefits of teamwork. Any employee Technopark agree personal development plan that will be periodically evaluated.
Each employee receives Technopark for another term specific personal tasks. These personal tasks will be evaluated after a period of superiors.
Professionals working in Technopark as its employees or members of research groups will participate in the preparation of accreditation and certification and subsequent recertification. Familiar with and respect the principles of quality systems and will cooperate in their implementation.
Intellectual property generated in actions Technopark is inalienable, and will always be judged by the law and will follow the framework contracts between ICT and contractors.
Encourage employees with a sense of belonging to the Technopark and its activities, leading employees and other workers to spread the good name of the Technopark at universities and in public.

: 9.8.2016 19:11, : Karel Hrušovský

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