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Central laboratory service 

Head of department of central laboratory


Guarantory institute of UCT Prague

 RNDr František Novák, CSc. 

Mgr. Hana Hrabalová 

 Central laboratory of UCT Prague


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Central laboratory works in Technopark for internal branch project groups and as a service for external customers. It is equipped by the apparates installed in central laboratory and uses apparates of other laboratories of branches project groups too.


Another important function of department of Central laboratory service of Technopark Kralupy is a possibility to provide technical consultancy in field of  materials and changes of theirs properties.  These services can be use for determining composition of unknown samples or recommending of suitale method to finding out of required informations.

Overwiev of used methods and offered services

Standardized methods

Installed apparates


Thermic analysis

UV-VIS spectrometry

Raman and infrared spectrometry

ICP-OES spectrometry
















Setaram Evo TGA/DTA


UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer Shimadzu


FTIR-Raman spectrometer Nicolet


Spectrometer Agilent 5100  ICP-OES








Thermic analysis



Installed apparat:   

Setaram Evo TGA/DTA


– Measuring range to 1400 (1600) ° C

– Sample weight 30 – 40 mg
– Measuring in dynamical atmosfphere N2, air or Ar
– identification and qualifications (of minerals) by changing their weight and temperature during the warming  (comparation with the standard)
– study of  progress of reactions in a sample by the change of temperature

– prediction of  behaviour of materials by increased temperatures



Owewrseeing of thermal dissociation of homogenous materials (weight loss, exo- and edothermic processes) of:

  • silicates
  • polymers

UV-Vis spectrophotometry 


Installed apparatus:

UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometr Shimadzu UV-2600



  • Measuring of apsorption spectra in the visible, UV and near IR zone of spectrum
  • Determination of concentration representative substances in aqueous solutions

Infrared and Raman spectrophotometry


Installed apparatus:

FTIR-Raman spectrometr Nicolet iS50



Characterization and  identification of:

  • Polymers
  • Silicates, building materials
  • Comparation of the sample with the standard
  • Structural characterization

Optical emission spectrometry with inductively bounted plasma


Installed apparatus:

Spectrometr Agilent 5100  ICP-OES



Determination of trace concentrations of metallic ions

  • in dilluted aqueous solutions (waters) 
  • in the ash extracts

Another specialized analyses are available in Central laboratories of UCT Prague

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