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Investor of project of TECHNOPARK KRALUPY reg. No. of project: 5.1. PP04/052 was/is The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. Construction was realized in years 2013–2014.

Investnent construction of fhe research-technical park and centre for transfer of technologies and its instrumental equipment was co-financed from Operating programme Entrepreneurship and innovations, programme Prosperity - Invitation II of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. Operation programme Entrepreneurship and innovations (OPEI) was backed from structural funds of European Union.

Technopark Kralupy manage the means from commercial activity, grant activity, means assigned from budget of UCT Prague and with means from another contractually arrangedactivities of Technopark Kralupy.

Operation of Technopark is coverd by revenues of research works and services, realized within purview of Technopark.

Sources of financing of Technopark Kralupy are:

  • Contractual research for industry (complementary activity)
  • Block grants, projects, grants
  • One-time jobs (analysis, tests, expert's opinions, expert's reports etc.)
  • Revenues from leasings, consultancy and services of the third party.

Operation of Technopark Kralupy willl be covered by a share of the profit researches and services, realized within purview of Technopark Kralupy UCT Prague.

: 29.6.2016 22:09, : Karel Hrušovský

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